Sunday, February 22, 2009

When you have a bluetooth dongle you can receive business card/files/contacts from mobile devices using your bluetooth software. Now if you want to receive contacts/file in your own software and you also don't want to install any application in your mobile device then you can continue reading.

The main thing is to open a obex receiver in your bluetooth device from your application, then other remote device can do ServiceSearch and find your dongle to send contact/vcard/business card without installing any application.

The trick is done using OBEX, to know about OBEX google please.
I am going to use Java as my source language as there is already a API made named bluecove

I tried to find an already made project and couldn't find after some searching(may be my search strings were weak)

After one/two day i came to the bluecove code repository, there i found the source of it.

So i made a netbeans project of my own and is posted at the end of this post(i think if you are interested then you are now looking into the end section for the code ;) )

Ok no rush, the original source code of bluecove people are here. Thanks god i found it.

And my code in netbeans can be found here.

To run it in windows no problem, but to run in it newer ubuntu when this post was written you had to include bluecove-gpl with the project, which is already included and you will need to install libbluetooth-dev for ubuntu 8.10 with this command
sudo apt-get install libbluetooth-dev

I hope the code works.


  1. hafeez said...
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    hafeez said... wondering to ask u about the idea of ur it possible to do certain task such as add contact,delete contact edit contact...then, save all those changes..and re-send them back to mobile device...
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