Friday, December 23, 2011

In my BlackBerry Bengali texts were appearing as boxes. Other phones like iPhone or Android could show Bangla with some issues but at least you could make something out of it. So I was looking for a solution. So did some googling as usual.

The main thing is in order to see Bangla or East Asian language your phone need to have support for East Asian language and font support. And this is not easy to enable. You have to do it with BlackBerry Desktop manager software.

So first install the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager in your pc or mac from here

Then start DM and connect your BB. After your BB is connected with DM you need to install the font support. Click on the Application button on the left panel like shown below

It will load all the applications installed in the device and show you a list of it. Now scroll below and you will see item called "East Asian Characters and Font Support". Click on the left + sign if it is not already expanded.

Here you will see an item called "Indic Characters and Font Support". Beside this item click on the "+" sign to install this item. If already installed it will have the text Installed like mine.

Now click on the Apply button at right bottom and it should start installing the necessary components for you. Give it a some time. Do not disconnect your BB during this time. Your device will reboot. And now you are done. Try to browse for any Bangla web site now.

You should be able to see Bangla now in Facebook app or in web browser. Love to see my language on BB.