Friday, January 2, 2009

Entering into flash world

From last month i was working(or trying to work) with flash as3. Finished a Ludo game started by saikat first. I already told about multiplayer pool in this blog, some new games also saw light of world too. It's fun and a bit odd to work with flash. You need some good ideas to make a good game. May be the simplest idea can produce the next killer game.

Enough of now, here goes some game links in which i took part(in some i worked, in some i just played as much as i could :D )

MultiPlayer Pool - The pool game multiplayered
Connectica - Connect pipes from star to end to let the water flow
SameBall - It's a fun game, you have to match 3/more balls in a row/column.
Single Player Ludo - We know this game, our childhood play :). Not so good though. May be multiplayer version some time.

And hoping to make the list bigger and bigger.

Till then

what'll be now?


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