Friday, January 4, 2008

Recently i was in a nasty problem. Whenever i started my emulator it was showing some error message and said that it could not start this/that. And whenever i wanted to access contacts it was showing exceptions. So i started to do what i do, that is googling.

After some googling i decided to remove all the applications installed in my emulator. And that was very easy too. After erasing it all worked well.

Now how to erase those apps,
Go to the home directory of your android sdk through command prompt. Then go to tools. Then in command window type "emulator -wipe-data" and press enter. This will remove all the datas/apps installed in emulator. It solved my exception problems.

How to erase single application from command line:

First,make sure the emulator is running.Then follow below steps:
1. go to tools directory in command
2. adb shell
3. cd /data/app
4. ls (It will display all the .apk installed in your emulator)
5. rm ***.apk(which you want to remove)
6. exit

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  1. Jagat said...
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    Jagat said...
    why am i geting this error while execute emulator -wipe-data

    emulator: ERROR: You did not provide the name of an Android Virtual Device
    with the '-avd &gtname&lt' option.

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