Saturday, June 23, 2007

J2ME Custom Item

Recently i came to know a tremendous thing of J2ME. I worked little on J2ME. I wanted to make a scrollable textbox which can be appended to a form. So i searched then net and came to know a great thing named Custom Item. This is such an item which you build by yourself and you can add this item to a form. This items have their own paint() method. So you can customize it's look and feel too. The limitation is you can only use it in MIDP 2.0 profiled devices. But it's nice to make one of your own :D. I think J2ME polish uses custom items to change the look and feel of their items.


This links are just great. You can see if u want to learn Custom Item

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  1. Sheth Raxit said...

    This is Raxit, i want to have very simillar thinks like Scrollable Text box.

    can you help me out ?

    what's ur mail address, can say hi to : raxitsheth2000[at]gmail[dot]com

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